Overview of Microsoft Teams Call Recording Security

Overview of Microsoft Teams Call Recording Security

Microsoft Teams has been enhanced to support integration of third-party recording solutions, to provide an end-to-end solution for configuring, managing, recording, storing, and analyzing Teams communications. As companies continue to adopt modern ways of work during their digital transformation journey, cyber-attacks have consistently escalated. As a result, data protection and compliance has become the main focus of decision makers when choosing any service or provider.

If adding recording capabilities is the next step in your voice adoption, read on to clear up any questions you may have about security features on MS Teams.

BlueSky UC call recording solution for Microsoft Teams lets you define which inbound or outbound calls you want to record, whether it is just a percentage or calls from specific dialers. As an Azure-native recording solution, it brings robust security to your business through military-grade encryption and redundant storage. Therefore, it brings easy setup, and management.


Call recording security features in Microsoft Teams

      • Access record to files. You can view the file, time of access, and user.
      • Personalized record indexing. Recordings can be indexed by date, time, agent, etc.
      • Live monitoring. Calls can not only be recorded, but live monitored according to supervisor permissions.
      • Easy access to recordings. With centralized management and remote site recording, it’s easy to access the recordings history.
      • Multi-site call recording. You can record remote users and manage applications at a central site, from multiple locations.
      • Access management. Admins can assign monitoring, recording, or playback rights to specified users.
      • Audio file encryption. Secure access to recordings.
Overview of Microsoft Teams Call Recording Security

Complete your Teams Voice deployment with call recording and enable your business to record calls through our cloud-based services for Microsoft Teams.

Whether for quality management, regulatory compliance, or training purposes, BlueSky UC empowers your business to leverage call recording securely. For further information about these services, please click on the button below.

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