How to Improve your MS Teams Call Analytics and Reports


The Microsoft Teams admin center offers IT administrators comprehensive data for overseeing their cloud environments. However, monitoring MS Teams call analytics and reports can be intricate and time-consuming when there isn’t a centralized method for collecting report data.

To begin with, understanding the available reports and their contents is essential. In this blog post, we address these aspects and delve into how IT administrators can effectively utilize Microsoft Teams call analytics to stay informed about Microsoft Teams call activity and quality.


Analyzing challenges of Microsoft Teams call reporting

Successful Microsoft Teams Voice adoption involves technical readiness with strong infrastructure, performance monitoring, and tracking key performance metrics.

To support these efforts, Microsoft offers a basic set of Teams Voice usage reports and analytics for the effective management of your Teams environment. However, business managers and IT staff seeking historical data beyond the default 30-day range may encounter significant challenges in their quest for comprehensive insights.


Where to find the Microsoft Teams Admin Center analytics & reports?

In order to view the reports, you need to have one of the following roles assigned to you:

      1. Microsoft 365 global administrator.
      2. Microsoft Teams service administrator.
      3. Global reader (limited to tenant-level data aggregation with no access to per-user or team data).

For additional information about Teams admin roles and the specific reports accessible to each role, please read this.

To access the reports, navigate to the Microsoft Teams admin center. On the left-hand menu, click on “Analytics & reports,” and then select the desired report from the “View Reports” section that you wish to generate.


What MS Teams call analytics & reports are available through the Admin Center?

Explore the different Microsoft Teams call analytics and reporting available in the admin center to gain insights into your organization’s Teams usage, such as user communication patterns and device preferences.


Microsoft Teams PSTN blocked users report

Shows you the users in your organization who are blocked from making PSTN calls in Teams. You can view more information about each blocked user, including:

      • Assigned phone number
      • Reason they were blocked from making calls


Microsoft Teams PSTN minute pools report

Gives you an overview of audio conferencing and calling activity in your organization by showing you the number of minutes consumed during the current month.

      • License used for calls
      • Total minutes available
      • Used minutes
      • License usage by location


Microsoft Teams PSTN usage report

Gives you an overview of calling and audio-conferencing activity in your organization. You can view detailed calling activity for Calling Plans if you use Microsoft as your telephony carrier and for Direct Routing if you use your own telephony carrier. The report can be viewed for trends over the last 7 days, 28 days, or a custom date range that you set.

1. Calling Plans tab

Shows information including the number of minutes that users spent on inbound and outbound PSTN calls and the cost of these calls.

2. Direct Routing tab

Shows you information including the SIP address and call start and end times.


Audio Conferencing dial-out usage report

Gives you an overview of usage and dollars spent for the audio-conferencing dial-out service.

      • Cost tab shows communication credit spending
      • Minutes of Use tab reveals dial-out minutes
      • Dial-out Calls tab displays call counts, all with user-level details below

How to gain better visibility of Microsoft Teams call activity?

As businesses look for deeper insights from call performance, basic Microsoft Teams call reporting falls short, lacking comprehensive analytics and customization.

Teams PowerPack – Call Analytics is an indispensable tool for continuously monitoring your company’s calls. With powerful search and filtering tools, as well as a user-friendly interface, you can stay informed about your call activity and quality. This tool enables business managers and IT staff to analyze calls, track costs, assess resource utilization, generate reports, and make informed decisions based on data. Contact us for a free demo and a 15-day trial.


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