BlueSky Contact Center: Essential Call Center Voice Analytics Metrics for Microsoft Teams

BlueSky Contact Center: Essential Call Center Voice Analytics Metrics for Microsoft Teams

Call Centers play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient communication between businesses and their clients. With the integration of advanced technologies like Microsoft Teams and the BlueSky Contact Center, organizations can leverage powerful call center voice analytics metrics to enhance their operations and customer experience.

Let’s explore key features and metrics that make BlueSky Contact Center an indispensable tool for businesses using Microsoft Teams.


Core Reporting Metrics

1. General Calls Report

    • Function: Displays call data including duration, time, date, caller details, and agent skills.
    • Benefit: Gain granular insights into agent performance, call routing, and customer needs.

2. User Call Report

    • Function: Provides detailed information on calls made by specific users.
    • Benefit: Monitor individual user performance and enhance call quality.

3. Auto Attendant Call Report

    • Function: Details answered calls, abandoned calls, and wait times.
    • Benefit: Track call volume, reduce wait times, and enhance customer service.

4. Call Queue Call Report

    • Function: Provides data on call queue metrics.
    • Benefit: Enables real-time monitoring for optimized staffing levels.

5. Agents Report

    • Function: Offers detailed information on calls handled by agents.
    • Benefit: Monitor agent performance and optimize call center operations.

6. Missed Calls

    • Function: Provides information on missed calls.
    • Benefit: Identify patterns, adjust staffing, and improve customer service.

7. Live Call Wallboard

    • Function: Displays live information about incoming calls.
    • Benefit: Real-time monitoring for improved customer service.

8. Track Abandoned Calls

    • Function: Displays calls abandoned before ringing on agents.
    • Benefit: Ensure accessibility of agents and monitor abandonment rates.

9. Not Handled Calls

    • Function: Displays information about calls not answered or handled.
    • Benefit: Identify staffing or training gaps and ensure prompt call responses.

10. Dropped Calls

    • Function: Shows calls with short durations.
    • Benefit: Gain visibility into call center performance and address issues.


Incoming Call Routing Metrics

11. Cloud Auto Attendants

    • Function: Creates a menu system for efficient call routing.
    • Benefit: Route customer calls efficiently for faster connections.

12. Cloud Call Queues

    • Function: Accepts customer calls and places them in a wait queue.
    • Benefit: Provides accurate data on waiting times for an improved customer experience.

13. Presence-Based Call Routing

    • Function: Uses agent presence status for call routing.
    • Benefit: Decrease call wait time and prevent interruptions for agents.

14. Music on Hold

    • Function: Plays custom music during hold times.
    • Benefit: Reduces customer discontent, making hold time seem shorter.

15. Auto Attendant Bypass

    • Function: Sends calls directly to a specific skill.
    • Benefit: Improves call wait time by bypassing auto attendant interaction.

16. Transfer to Voicemail During a Call

    • Function: Transfers calls directly to a user’s voicemail inbox.
    • Benefit: Improves first-call resolution rates.

17. ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

    • Function: Routes calls to the most appropriate agent or department.
    • Benefit: Ensures callers reach the right agent promptly.

18. Score-Based Routing

    • Function: Sets up agents in a specific order based on scores.
    • Benefit: Improves customer service and aids in agent training.

19. Discrete Presence-Based Routing

    • Function: Uses pre-selected presence statuses for call routing.
    • Benefit: Reduces call wait time by routing calls efficiently.


Other Features

20. Desktop Notifications

    • Function: Allows agents to screen inbound calls.
    • Benefit: Boosts call center productivity as agents multitask.

21. Skill Opt In/Out

    • Function: Allows agents to opt in or out from a skill.
    • Benefit: Gives agents flexibility and reduces caller wait time.

22. Native Teams Compatibility

    • Function: Built natively using Microsoft Teams technology stack.
    • Benefit: Provides a seamless, modern, and secure communication experience.

23. PSTN Call-Recording

    • Function: Records inbound or outbound calls for compliance and quality management.
    • Benefit: Ensures quality, liability protection, and dispute resolution clarity.

24. Screen Pop with Application Integration

    • Function: Allows agents to visualize caller information from CRM and Support Desk systems.
    • Benefit: Streamlines support and enhances customer satisfaction.

25. Custom Configuration/Services

    • Function: Displays additional information for registered numbers in the CRM.
    • Benefit: Enrich customer interaction insight with specific CRM data.


Optimize your call center with BlueSky Contact Center’s comprehensive metrics, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer service experience.

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