Features of the BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Features of the BlueSky Contact Center-for-Microsoft-Teams

For businesses to thrive, understanding customer interactions is crucial. Traditional contact centers often lack the necessary reporting and analytics, hindering effective customer support. The BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams, packed with powerful Contact Center Teams Features, empowers organizations to bridge this gap, equipping them with the tools to make data-driven decisions and elevate customer experiences.

In our previous article we introduced the BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams, a solution built natively, using the Microsoft Teams technology stack, and designed for small and medium-size businesses. Here is the complete list of the BlueSky Contact Center Teams features:

Seamless analytics and reporting

      • Core reporting: Gain insights into call activity within a specified timeframe. Identify trends, track performance metrics, and make informed decisions to optimize your contact center.
      • Call details on demand: Supervisors can delve deeper with “Calls X-ray,” visualizing the call flow step-by-step for informed decision-making and troubleshooting.


Enhanced visibility with wallboards

      • Actionable insights at a glance: The Live Call Wallboard keeps supervisors informed about call volume, agent availability, and key performance indicators (KPIs). This empowers them to make real-time adjustments to optimize call flow and agent utilization.


Harness the power of Teams call recording

      • Regulatory compliance and quality management: Ensure regulatory adherence and capture valuable call data for training, coaching, and dispute resolution. While Teams offers native recording capabilities for individual and group calls, built-in recording for Contact Center requires third-party integrations. This simplifies compliance and empowers quality assurance initiatives.


Additional benefits of a Teams native solution

      • Streamlined integration: Enjoy a seamless user experience within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment. No need for additional installations or complex integrations.

The BlueSky Contact Center Teams Features in Sidekick

This is an application included in the BlueSky Contact Center which enables agents to have a clearer view of the incoming call activity. Agents can use the Sidekick for the following features:

      • Call History
      • Callbacks
      • Caller ID & Screen pop

This BlueSky CC Sidekick is included within the BlueSky Contact Center plans, at no additional cost.


Empower your Teams

The BlueSky Contact Center equips your organization with the tools to transform customer interactions. Leverage robust analytics, real-time wallboards, and native Teams call recording to gain valuable insights, improve agent performance, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Ready to take your contact center to the next level? Click here to request a demo and unlock the power of data-driven customer service.

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