Microsoft Teams Device Store: Enhance Hybrid Meetings

Microsoft Teams Devices Store

Hybrid meetings with both remote attendees and in-room meeting participants are the new normal. Through verified and certified devices for Microsoft Teams, you can remove barriers between spaces, places, and people to turn any meeting room into an easy-to-manage space, where everyone can collaborate.

How to buy Microsoft Teams Certified Devices?

Now, you can explore and purchase certified devices for your organization through our Microsoft Teams device store. On the top navigation bar of our website, under offerings, you will find the Teams device store. From there, you can search, explore, and purchase Teams-certified hardware.

The BlueSky UC Microsoft Teams device store provides simple browsing divided into relevant categories.

Microsoft Teams devices and hardware store

BlueSky UC Device for Microsoft Teams Portal

You can compare devices on relevant factors such as call control, general properties, video conferencing, video display, and more. The store is designed for a seamless purchase experience with competitive prices and easy, hassle-free returns and exchanges.

Microsoft Teams Devices comparison

Find industry leading brands such as Audiocodes, Yealink, and Poly.

BlueSky UC Device for Microsoft Teams Portal

Get custom recommendations through Device Selection Assistant feature, which will help you choose the best option regarding specific needs.

Device Selection Assistant in BlueSky UC Device Portal

Device Selection Assistant in BlueSky UC Device Portal

Microsoft Teams Shared Devices License

Microsoft Teams has updated its software to accommodate new workplace needs and expanded device functionalities. In a previous article, we introduced the rebranding of the Common Area Phone (CAP) license to the Teams Shared Device license, offering broader capabilities through shared devices. This rebranded license will maintain support for phones in common areas, including call queue and auto attendant support, call park and retrieve, cloud voicemail, and group pickup.

Read more here: Microsoft is introducing the Teams Shared Device License

Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices

Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices enhance meeting experiences with dedicated collaboration spaces, seamlessly integrating with the Microsoft Teams platform. Key features include:

  • Video Conferencing: High-quality audio and video capabilities for connecting remote participants.
  • Content Sharing: Participants can easily share presentations and documents directly to the meeting room display.
  • Touch Controls: Touch-enabled displays facilitate intuitive navigation and control of meetings.
  • Microsoft 365 Integration: Streamlined integration with Microsoft 365 applications and calendars for efficient meeting scheduling and management.
  • Room Automation: Some rooms support automation features, like automatic meeting start times and occupancy sensors.
  • Whiteboarding: Digital whiteboarding capabilities promote collaborative brainstorming and idea-sharing during meetings.

Continuously evolving with Microsoft’s updates, Teams Rooms contribute to a comprehensive and integrated meeting solution, making meetings more efficient and interactive.

Choosing the right Microsoft Teams Certified Devices for your business

When selecting the optimal Teams hardware for your business, it is imperative to take into account the following crucial factors:

  • Organizational size and needs: Evaluate your organization’s size and specific goals to find suitable hardware.
  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with existing systems and devices for seamless integration.
  • User preferences: Tailor hardware choices to user preferences, especially for remote workers.
  • Budget: Set a clear budget, considering ongoing maintenance costs, and refer to Microsoft Teams Phone System Licensing and Pricing.
  • Support and SLAs: Check the vendor’s technical support and service level agreements for issue resolution.

These considerations will guide you in choosing efficient Teams hardware that meets your business needs.

Maximize your hardware investment with a Microsoft Certified Partner

As a partner specializing in Microsoft Unified Communications, BlueSky UC holds a pivotal role in elevating and maximizing the returns on your hardware investment. Being a certified Microsoft Partner, BlueSky UC brings the expertise and resources necessary for ensuring the optimal utilization of your Microsoft Teams hardware.

Here are some ways in which a Microsoft partner contributes to enhancing and maximizing your hardware investment:

  • Expert guidance provision: BlueSky UC offers expert guidance on hardware selection, deployment, and utilization, ensuring you extract the maximum value from your investment.
  • Technical support provision: Microsoft partners extend technical support to assist in troubleshooting any hardware-related issues that may arise.
  • Delivery of training and education: Receive training to empower your users with the skills needed to effectively utilize the hardware.
  • Seamless integration facilitation: Get assistance in integrating your hardware with other systems, streamlining processes, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Explore the extensive catalog of certified devices for Teams that our portal offers and start enhancing your Teams’ hybrid meeting experiences. For personalized assistance, please click on the button below to contact our UCaaS specialists.

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