4 benefits of Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

4 benefits of Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

If you’ve already rolled out Microsoft Teams as your hub for internal and external connection across its modes of communications like chat, teams, channels, & apps, the next big thing you might be considering is: Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams.

What is Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams?

Direct Routing is a feature that allows organizations to connect their on-premises telephony infrastructure to Microsoft Teams. With Direct Routing, you can use your existing phone systems or connect to third-party telephony providers directly with Teams.


How does Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams work?

In straightforward terms, Direct Routing empowers users to initiate and receive external calls seamlessly within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. Notably, Teams does not inherently provide the ability to make and receive Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) calls by default. To activate this functionality, integration involves acquiring a Microsoft Phone System license, a process streamlined with assistance from your chosen third-party provider.

Benefits of Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams


Cost savings

By leveraging existing telephony infrastructure, organizations can potentially save on the costs associated with deploying new hardware or services. This can be especially beneficial for companies that have made significant investments in their current telephony solutions.

Compared to PSTN connections and calling plans, Direct Routing offers more competitive pricing, providing a flexible model with lower calling charges. By simply replacing your PSTN connections and calling plans, you can save between 25% and 40% on your monthly usage spend. When integrated by BlueSky UC, Direct Routing reduces costs, ensuring you only pay for the number of concurrent calls required.

See Microsoft Teams Direct Routing plans and pricing here.


Customization and extensibility

Direct Routing provides opportunities for customization and extensibility. Organizations can integrate additional features, such as:

High availability

Occasionally, when using Microsoft Phone System as your VoIP, you might experience a Microsoft Cloud or internet outage. Downtime in your calling service could seriously impact the efficiency of business operations. In response to supporting the most critical conversations in the event of an outage, the integration of a failover solution for your Teams Voice is crucial. Learn more here.



Opting for a provider that handles the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the entire project enables you and your team to concentrate on crucial strategic decisions, fostering the growth of your business.


Why choose BlueSky UC as your Direct Routing provider?

Ensure uninterrupted communication for you and your team with a cost-effective solution that allows your organization to scale seamlessly as your business grows. Direct Routing provides businesses the freedom to tailor their communication stack to their specific needs and the flexibility to scale it as required.

BlueSky UC stands out as a premier Direct Routing provider, boasting over a decade of experience in delivering premium UCaaS solutions and professional services, all dedicated to Microsoft enterprise voice. Feel free to contact us for a personalized quote!

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