Enhanced audio quality with Microsoft Teams

Enhanced audio quality with Microsoft Teams

Everyone has experienced poor meeting and call quality due to a bad network connection. The growth in hybrid work has made this a more universal challenge, as a result, Microsoft Teams has worked on AI-based innovations to help organizations minimize and even eliminate the negative impact bandwidth constraints can have on your Teams audio quality experiences.



MS Teams trained a deep-learning model to predict and fill the missing audio bits sent across networks through data packets based on real-time analysis of previous ones. While traditional concealers do a good job on short missing bits, like 20 or 40 milliseconds, the AI model in Teams can predict up to 80 consecutive milliseconds of audio, which makes common packet loss undetectable to Teams users.

The Teams’ PLC AI model trained and tested 600 hours of people reading books and participating in podcasts to collect millions of anonymous network samples to ensure a good representation of all possible network conditions.

Microsoft Teams audio quality PLC improvements are now available for all users on Windows and soon for Mac devices, as well as for mobile Teams clients.

Your team deserves good call quality even in adverse scenarios, if you are looking to migrate to Teams Phone, please contact us. We would be honored to speak with you to help determine if Microsoft Teams Voice is the right fit for your organization.

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