How do I get my users ready for Microsoft Teams Business Voice?

How do I get my users ready for Microsoft Teams Business Voice?

If you already decided to move from legacy on-premises telephony provider and set up your Teams with the complete phone system of Microsoft Teams Business Voice, it’s a good idea to get your users ready before the transition:

      • Make sure that they already have Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office installed.
      • Set up any necessary devices on their computers.
      • Show them how to set up voicemail greetings and other Business Voice features.
      • Encourage them to learn more about Teams so that they get the most out of it.

Choose the best devices for your requirements

Business Voice users need a microphone and speakers to make and receive phone calls. There are lots of options, depending on the needs of each user or environment. Here are some ideas to think about when you decide what to get:

      • Mobile users or users in noisy environments: Consider USB or wireless headsets with microphones.
      • Receptionists and executives: Full, multi-function desktop handsets can be used, just like with regular phones. Autodial, conferencing, and speakerphone, make these devices extremely flexible.
      • Conference rooms: Audio conferencing devices let you set up conference rooms with speakerphone functionality that can be used with Teams conference bridges to host large meetings.

Set up Business Voice features

Just like regular phones, you can set up voicemail greetings and call forwarding, choose ringtones, and more. Users can customize these settings in the Teams app by selecting their profile picture in the upper-right corner and then selecting Settings > Calls.


Make the most of your communications

Business Voice can do a lot more than regular phones, too. You can set up simultaneous ring and call groups, share a phone line with a delegate, park calls, make multiple calls at once, and more. Make the most of your phone service by knowing all about calling features like Auto Attendants and Call Queues here.

So, with the right device and their settings customized, your users will be ready to effectively manage their daily tasks and take advantage of Business Voice capabilities. For more information about the set up or the transition to a Premium Direct Routing service, please, contact us.

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