Microsoft Teams AI features

Microsoft Teams calls and meetings improved with AI and machine learning

Microsoft Teams has revolutionized the way teams connect, communicate, and collaborate. But did you know that Teams also incorporates cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) features? In this blog post, we’ll explore how AI enhances your Teams experience and boosts productivity.

1. AI-Powered Meeting Enhancements

Echo cancellation

During calls and meetings, when a participant has their microphone too close to their speaker, it’s common for sound to loop between input and output devices, causing an unwanted echo effect. Now, Microsoft Teams uses AI to recognize the difference between sound from a speaker and the user’s voice, eliminating the echo without suppressing speech or inhibiting the ability of multiple parties to speak at the same time.

More natural conversations with Interruptibility

Through full-duplex (two-way) transmission of audio, users can speak and hear others at the same time to enhance the ability for clarification or validation during conversations.

Background noise suppression

Two years ago, Microsoft announced the release of AI-based noise suppression in Teams as an optional feature for Windows users. Since then, this feature has continued a cycle of iterative development, testing, and evaluation to further optimization. Through recording significant improvements across key user metrics, Microsoft has enabled machine learning-based noise suppression as default for Teams customers using Windows (including Microsoft Teams Rooms), as well as Mac and iOS users.

Real-time screen optimization adjustment for content sharing

Different types of shared content require varied approaches to ensure the highest video quality, particularly under bandwidth constraints. Teams now uses machine learning to detect and adjust the characteristics of the content presented in real-time, optimizing the legibility of documents or smoothness of video playback.

Brightness and focus filters

New AI-powered filters in Teams give you the option to adjust brightness and add a soft focus for your meetings with a simple toggle in your device settings, to better accommodate for low-light environments.

Teams adjust brightness

Source: Microsoft

2. Intelligent Meeting Insights

Intelligent Call Recaps and Insights from Transcripts

      • After a call, Teams provides a recap, highlighting key points and action items.
      • AI analyzes meeting transcripts, extracting valuable insights for follow-up.

Enhanced Meeting Experiences in Teams Rooms

      • Teams Rooms, equipped with AI sensors, optimize room lighting, audio, and video for seamless meetings.

3. Teams Premium and AI Integration

Introduction to Microsoft Teams Premium

      • Teams Premium offers advanced features, including enhanced AI capabilities.
      • Subscribers gain access to personalized insights and recommendations.

AI Features Powered by OpenAI’s GPT

      • Teams leverages OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) for intelligent recaps.
      • Predictive text in chat streamlines communication, suggesting relevant responses.


4. Copilot Implementation

Microsoft Teams is brimming with AI features, but did you know there’s a way to supercharge them? Introducing Copilot, your intelligent teammate within Teams!

Copilot leverages cutting-edge AI to personalize your Teams experience and take productivity to new heights. Imagine:

      • Smarter Meetings: Get real-time transcriptions with action item extraction, personalized meeting summaries, and even live language translation – all powered by Copilot’s advanced AI.
      • Enhanced Collaboration: Streamline communication with features like predictive text suggestions and document summarization. Copilot helps you find the information you need faster and express yourself clearly.
      • Tasks Made Easy: Delegate repetitive tasks to Copilot, freeing up your time for strategic thinking. Schedule meetings, manage to-do lists, and receive intelligent reminders – all with the help of your AI assistant.

Ready to unlock the full potential of AI in Teams? Contact us today to discuss Copilot implementation for your organization. Let’s transform the way your teams collaborate and achieve more!


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