MS Teams Phone vs. Google Voice, which one is better?


Telephony for businesses has its own set of features, making it essential to weigh options. In this article, we’ll break down the differences between Google Voice vs Microsoft Teams Phone in a straightforward way, helping you make an informed decision for your business.


Microsoft Teams Phone vs. Google Voice

Google Voice and Microsoft Teams are the main communications solutions providers currently. However, each of them offers different approaches to an organization’s voice calling needs. With a wide range of unique features, they allow Teamworks to access VoIP technology to fulfill their calling requirements. Let’s explore the different qualities between them:


Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone is a Cloud-based phone system that includes advanced qualities and features that enhance the calling experience in work environments. With call transfers, multilevel auto attendants, and call queue, any business can thrive while using Teams Phone. Not only that, but as part of the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, it has positioned itself as one of the most trusted cloud-based services. Including direct routing options is one of the easiest solutions that will allow you to simplify your voice processes. Additionally, you can upgrade your voice experience with Teams’ video, video conferencing, and collaboration capabilities.

MS Teams Phone Main Features

      • Cloud auto attendants
      • Cloud call queues
      • Music on hold
      • Call answer/initiate (by name and number)
      • Call forwarding options and simultaneous ring
      • Group call pickup and forward to group
      • Transfer a call and consultative transfer
      • Transfer to voicemail mid call
      • Call Park and retrieve
      • Call phone number from search
      • Caller ID
      • Device switching
      • Presence-based call routing
      • Integrated dial pad
      • Federated calling
      • Make and receive a video call
      • Cloud Voicemail
      • Secondary ringer
      • Distinctive ring alerts
      • Shared Line Appearance
      • Busy on Busy
      • Call blocking
      • Common Area Phones
      • Media bypass support
      • Unassigned number routing
      • Call Detail Records

Full integration in the Microsoft Teams suite, which provides secure high-definition voice quality, phone calls using MS Teams Mobile App, which leads to a cost-effective increase in productivity. In addition, Microsoft Teams comes into the Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise plans, which may come in handy to your organization’s workflow. 

Google Voice

Google Voice is a telephone system that offers services for voice and text messaging only for Google account holders in the United States. For other countries, you may require the use of Google Hangouts, which does not provide a free phone number and does not allow you to send free text messages. 

      • Automated attendants
      • Call transfer
      • Integration with Google Calendar and Google Meet
      • Phone number ownership 
      • Ring groups (only in beta program)
      • Voicemail transcription 
      • AI to detect potential spam calls

Besides lacking robust customer service, Google Voice has limited capabilities compared to Microsoft Teams Voice. 


Which VoIP provider is better?

Starting your voice journey in the cloud may seem intimidating with so many options where to choose from. Depending on your organization’s needs, you will find the correct cloud-based phone system. Nevertheless, comparing and contrasting through this guide showed that the VoIP with the most complete and robust features in 2023 is MS Teams Phone. Let us guide you to migrate in the most seamless way. Book a meeting with one of our experts today for more information. 

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