What is Microsoft Enterprise Voice?

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What is Microsoft Enterprise Voice?

Microsoft Teams, with over 145 million daily active users has developed a comprehensive communications system for companies that need to unify their communications.

Nevertheless, this telephony technology is not something new within the competences of BlueSky UC. It has a history that goes back to Microsoft Lync and then, the improved Skype for Business. Now is Microsoft Teams’ turn, a platform that, since 2016, has become the favorite for collaboration and business communication. Through Microsoft 365 Business Voice and Enterprise Voice, organizations can get a cost-effective way to deploy basic telephone/voice services for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice and Enterprise Voice in Microsoft Teams provide the same services to small businesses and Enterprise users. Both services provide cloud-based phone systems with ‘Phone System’, domestic and international calling options, and audio conferencing.



      1. Caller ID
      2. Voice Mail
      3. Emergency Calling
      4. Toll-free dialing available
      5. Host conference calls with non-Teams users
      6. Host conference calls with non-internet users

An important difference between these 2 services is that Enterprise Voice is designed for organizations with over 300 users but delivers the same features and services as Microsoft 365 Business Voice. This is the type of license your organization needs if it grows beyond 300 users.


Best alternative to Enterprise Voice

Many organizations’ needs go beyond the basic telephone/voice features and services of Enterprise Voice. To enhance business growth, team productivity, and boost operations companies need a stronger solution.

While Business Voice is a great solution for small businesses, many times organizations with more than 20 employees have needs that go beyond basic telephony features.

For more information about our premium Microsoft UCaaS, please contact us. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have to help you plan your Teams Voice deployment.

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