Why you should move from PBX to Microsoft Teams

Why you should move from PBX to Microsoft Teams

For decades, businesses have relied on Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) as the backbone of their communication infrastructure. These traditional phone systems offer reliable voice calling features, but they often come with limitations. Setting them up requires substantial upfront costs and ongoing maintenance. Scaling them for a growing team can be cumbersome, and remote work options are often limited.

Today, cloud-based communication solutions like Microsoft Teams are rapidly changing the game. Teams offers a robust suite of features that go beyond simple voice calls, including instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and even task management, all accessible from a single platform. This shift to the cloud empowers businesses with increased flexibility, enhanced collaboration, and simplified management, paving the way for a more modern and efficient communication environment.

In this post, we’ll explore the key reasons why making the switch from PBX to Microsoft Teams can be a smart move for your organization, ultimately leading to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and a more connected and collaborative work experience.

teams features

With Microsoft Teams Phone System you will get PBX capabilities, but without the complicated and expensive equipment. Certainly, Phone System allows you to replace your existing on-premises PBX system with a set of features delivered from Microsoft 365 or Office 365 that is tightly integrated into your cloud experience.

Reasons to replace a legacy PBX system


Work from anywhere. To place and receive calls, MS Teams users can use their mobile devices, a headset with a laptop, or one of the many IP phones and devices that work with Teams.


Teams Phone System administrators can manage calling options and settings from the same console used for messaging, collaboration, and apps.


You can get the same features and services you already have in a traditional legacy PBX system, such as:

      • Auto attendants
      • Call queues
      • Voicemail
      • Music on hold


Calls between users in your organization are handled internally within Phone System, and never go to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This applies to calls between users in your organization located in different geographical areas, removing long-distance costs on these internal calls.


For calls outside your organization, Microsoft provides two options for connecting Phone System to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN): Calling Plans and Direct Routing.

With Calling Plans, Microsoft provides a number of minutes and a phone number for users. All service is provided directly from Office 365 with no additional PSTN carrier contract.

Direct Routing allows you to connect up Teams to a range of telephony providers. With this feature, you will be able to enjoy cheaper call rates, more flexibility and fast response support.

Phone numbers migration

You can transfer all of your existing phone numbers into Microsoft Teams or choose all new numbers for any locations and apply them to all users.

Forget about maintenance

Forget all the space dedicated to the phone system. When replacing your PBX, you won’t need a closet for the phone and the equipment that is needed for maintenance. The days of calling a technician to come and make the necessary connections are long gone. All the optimizations in software and the upgrades of features you need are handled by your third-party provider.


Transitioning from a traditional PBX system to Microsoft Teams offers a multitude of benefits for your business. From significant cost savings and increased flexibility to enhanced collaboration and improved security, Teams provides a comprehensive communication and collaboration solution tailored to the needs of the modern workplace.

Ready to unlock the potential of Microsoft Teams? Contact us today to learn more about implementing Teams in your organization and schedule a free consultation with our experienced team. We can help you navigate the migration process and ensure a smooth transition to a more efficient and collaborative future.

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