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MCM is a regional CPA firm that provides highly specialized services to a broad range of clients and industries. MCM combines the industry expertise of a larger firm, without sacrificing the attention and personal service of a smaller firm.

MCM had previously been using Skype for Business but wanted to make a change: “We wanted to be out of the phone system business, because our IT department had zero experience with Skype for Business, and we knew we didn’t want to have it on premises anymore” (Nate Deskins, CTO, MCM). With their employees on a flexible work environment, MCM didn’t want their network nor data center to be contingent on the success of the phones operating.

Skype to Teams Migration - Background business case BlueSky_UC


When MCM learned Skype for Business was going away, it presented an opportunity to move to Teams Voice. They looked at six vendors before narrowing it down to two, and ultimately decided on BlueSky UC.
Nate Deskins, was quoted as saying,

“It made us feel we were going to be a partner in this,
not just another migration for the month.”


During the project, BlueSky UC delivered hosted Microsoft Teams services, including telephony service as well as administrator technical support. Overall, more than 500 telephone numbers were ported. Three test groups were created in advance so by the time the project got to the actual cutover, “It really wasn’t that challenging, in fact, it was pretty straight forward because at that point we’d moved over so many numbers and people that it was just like moving one more group” (Nate Deskins, CTO, MCM).

Skype to Teams Migration Migration infographic
Microsoft Skype to Teams Migration by a certified partner infographic


For MCM, having BlueSky UC as a partner for their voice services has resulted in one less variable to have to worry about while freeing up their IT team to focus on their actual job instead having to deal with their phone systems. They stated that, although some people have reservations about moving systems to the cloud, its reliability has been more than satisfactory.

MCM foresees moving more and more technology into hosted type solutions, and say, it’s not necessarily a move that derives from the global pandemic but was a long time coming. The mid-term goal for the customer is to get out of the hardware business, including their own data centers, and get to where they can rely on vendors they trust.

“BlueSky UC struck that perfect balance for us… small enough to be personable, large enough to have the technical depth required to offer a robust platform at a competitive price. We are not just incredibly happy with our decision, but looking forward to our continued partnership on future cloud driven projects.”

Nate Deskins

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